White Fang cover

White Fang

Jack London (1876-1916)

1. Part 1, Ch 1 - The Trail of the Meat
2. Part 1, Ch 2 - The She-Wolf
3. Part 1, Ch 3 - The Hunger Cry
4. Part 2, Ch 1 - The Battle of the Fangs
5. Part 2, Ch 2 - The Lair
6. Part 2, Ch 3 - The Grey Cub
7. Part 2, Ch 4 - The Wall of the World
8. Part 2, Ch 5 - The Law of Meat
9. Part 3, Ch 1 - The Makers of Fire
10. Part 3, Ch 2 - The Bondage
11. Part 3, Ch 3 - The Outcast
12. Part 3, Ch 4 - The Trail of the Gods
13. Part 3, Ch 5 - The Covenant
14. Part 3, Ch 6 - The Famine
15. Part 4, Ch 1 - The Enemy of His Kind
16. Part 4, Ch 2 - The Mad God
17. Part 4, Ch 3 - The Reign of Hate
18. Part 4, Ch 4 - The Clinging Death
19. Part 4, Ch 5 - The Indomitable
20. Part 4, Ch 6 - The Love-Master
21. Part 5, Ch 1 - The Long Trail
22. Part 5, Ch 2 - The Southland
23. Part 5, Ch 3 - The God's Domain
24. Part 5, Ch 4 - The Call of Kind
25. Part 5, Ch 5 - The Sleeping Wolf

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Hugely popular among younger readers, White Fang by Jack London was a runaway hit when it first debuted in 1906, as a serial story in the Outing magazine. Since then it continues to enjoy immense acclaim and popularity as a coming of age allegory where a nonconformist youngster is transformed into a responsible citizen. The most appealing aspect of White Fang is that it's told from the point of view of an animal, in this case an Alaskan Husky. Like Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, White Fang also addresses ethical issues, social injustices and cruelty to our four footed friends. Set in the harsh environment of Canada's Yukon territory, White Fang tells the gripping tale of a young half breed pup, born of a wild mother who is herself half dog, half wolf. The bloody battles for survival among the denizens of this frozen land are wonderfully depicted. As a pup, White Fang and his mother, One-Eye, survive vicious attacks by other wolves and a vengeful lynx whose kittens were killed by One-Eye. Once, while roaming close to a Native Indian encampment, One-Eye is recognized by Grey Beaver, a young hunter whose dead brother had tamed her many years ago. Grey Beaver adopts the young pup and names him White Fang. At the encampment, White Fang is a misfit among the dogs and pups reared there. He turns into a vicious, resentful, aggressive and solitary rebel. Lip-lip, the leader of the dog pack relentlessly bullies and torments White Fang. Finally, Grey Beaver trades White Fang to a dog fighter, where his combative nature leads him to a successful but hazardous career. In the midst of a savage fight, White Fang is nearly killed, but a young prospector Weedon Scott intervenes. The rest of this exciting novel traces White Fang's move to sunny California and his interesting adventures there. The story, though it has an animal as the hero, is reputedly based on Jack London's own colorful life and career. As a front runner in establishing the cult of fiction written for commercial magazines, London also led an eventful life as a journalist, social activist and passionate advocate of human rights. He traveled round the world as a hobo on steamships and schooners and even joined the Klondike Gold Rush where he found rich material for his writings. White Fang is a riveting, poignant and very dramatic story that, along with its unforgettable hero, will appeal to readers of all ages.



wow!!! this is the worst narrator ever


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Wow!!!!! I already think Mark Smith is one of the best narrators of all time but now I think he is the BEST! Bravo Mark Smith of Simpsonville South Carolina. What an Incredible book with so much expression and fantastic words. If there were 10 stars I would choose them all. ❤️


- 100%

Very clear, perfect pace, and... it's free!


- The best

This no doubt is a really great book. But greater is the reader... He was and is, my best reader. Never have a book been read so well. After listening to this book, i tried to read it my self, but it didn't feel right. God bless the reader.


- Great book

this book is one of the best survival storys i've read.Awesome and i am not even done


- Very nice

Best book ever


- very good



- Very good

I think he read it very well.love his other readings as well.


- very good

I think you read it very well thanks


- Loved it!!!

I like this book the first time I read it I didn't get it but after I heard this I understand it !!! good job.