Werwolves cover


Elliott O'Donnell (1872-1965)

1. What is a Werwolf?
2. Werwolf Metamorphosis and other branches of Lycanthropy
3. The Spirits of Werwolves
4. How to Become a Werwolf
5. Werwolves and Exorcism
6. The Werwolf in the British Isles
7. The Werwolf in France
8. Werwolves, Vampires and Ghouls
9. Werwolves in Germany
10. The Case of The Countess Hilda von Breber
11. Werwolves in Austria, Hungary and the Balkans
12. The Werwolf in Spain
13. The Werwolf in Belgium and the Netherlands
14. The Werwolves and Maras of Denmark
15. Werwolves in Norway and Sweden
16. Werwolves in Iceland, Lapland and Finland
17. The Werwolf in Russia and Siberia

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    Written in 1912 by a famous ghost hunter who was also an occult fantasy writer, this interesting book collects together folktales and traditions from across Europe, starting in the British Isles, through Spain, France, Belgium and Norway to Russia. The "scientific" accounts (including "How to Become a Werewolf") are embellished by anecdotes of the author's personal experiences with werewolves, ghosts and vampires.From Chapter 1: It is an old belief that the souls of cataleptic and epileptic people, during the body's unconsciousness, adjourned temporarily to animals, and it is therefore only in keeping with such a view to suggest that on the deaths of such people their spirits take permanently the form of animals.