Welsh Fairy Tales and Other Stories cover

Welsh Fairy Tales and Other Stories

P. H. Emerson (1856-1936)

1. The Fairies of Caragonann
2. The Craig-y-Don Blacksmith
3. Old Gwilym
4. The Baby-Farmer
5. The Old Man and the Fairies
6. Tommy Pritchard
7. Kaddy's luck
8. The story of Gelert
9. Origin of the Welsh
10. The Crows
11. Robert and the Fairies
12. The Fairy of the Dell
13. Ellen's Luck
14. The Fairies' Mint
15. The Pellings
16. The Long-Lived Ancestors
17. The Giantess's Apron-Full
18. A Fable
19. The Story of the Pig-Trough
20. Billy Duffy and the Devil
21. John O'Groats
22. Eva's Luck
23. The Fisherman of Shetland
24. The Pastor's Nurse

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A collection of Welsh Fairy tales. These tales were collected by me whilst living in Anglesea during the winter 1891-2. With the exception of the French story, they were told me and I took them down at the time. In most cases I have done but little "editing", preferring to give the stories as told. P. H. Emerson, April 1894.