Wanted – 7 Fearless Engineers! cover

Wanted – 7 Fearless Engineers!

Warner Van Lorne

1. 01 – Chapter 1 – Opportunity
2. 02 – Chapter 2 – Out to Sea
3. 03 – Chapter 3 – Strange Destination
4. 04 – Chapter 4 – Morquil’s Story
5. 05 – Chapter 5 – Voyaging to Another World
6. 06 – Chapter 6 – An Engineer’s Mettle
7. 07 – Chapter 7 – Jupiter and Trouble!
8. 08 – Chapter 8 – Battle with a Monster

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A great civilization’s fate lay in Dick Barrow’s hands as he led his courageous fellow engineers into a strange and unknown land. None of them knew what lay ahead–what dangers awaited them–or what rewards. But they did not hesitate because the first question asked them had been: “Are you a brave man?”



- 7 Fearless Engineers!

This was a very enjoyable listen. Kudos to you all, very well done. Thanks!


- Review of Wanted – 7 Fearless Engineers!

What an utter delight! Nice people, of great integrity and courage, doing the right thing. The readers are a lot of fun.


- 7 Engineers

I enjoyed this story and the reading was excellent. I am an engineer and I sure appreciated the appreciation of the author for our training:) THANKS so much.


Cute little story, though the end is a little disappointingly abrupt.


The readers are fantastic. Great work all! Love they gave each character it's own voice.