Walthers äfventyr cover

Walthers äfventyr

Zacharias Topelius (1818-1898)

1. 1 – Walthers första äfventyr
2. 2 – Walthers andra äfventyr
3. 3 – Walthers tredje äfventyr
4. 4 – Walthers fjärde äfventyr
5. 5 – Walthers femte äfventyr
6. 6 – Walthers sjätte äfventyr
7. 7 – Walthers sjunde äfventyr
8. 8 – Walthers åttonde äfventyr

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“Walthers äfventyr” (The adventures of Walther) is a series of childrens’ stories about Walther, a rather naughty six-year old boy written by Zacharias Topelius (1818-1898), a prominent 19th-century Fenno-Swedish author. The stories comprise chapters one through eight of volume four of his “Läsning för barn” (Reading for Children). They are generally seen as highly influenced by the author’s own childhood memories.