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#1 - 00 - Introduction and Preface

Waiting on God

Download 00 - Introduction and Preface audio
Download 01 - First Day: The God of Our Salvation audio
Download 02 - Second Day: The Keynote of Life audio
Download 03 - Third Day: The True Place of the Creature audio
Download 04 - Fourth Day: For Supplies audio
Download 05 - Fifth Day: For Instruction audio
Download 06 - Sixth Day: For All Saints audio
Download 07 - Seventh Day: A Plea in Prayer audio
Download 08 - Eighth Day: Strong and of Good Courage audio
Download 09 - Ninth Day: With the Heart audio
Download 10 - Tenth Day: In Humble Fear and Hope audio
Download 11 - Eleventh Day: Patiently audio
Download 12 - Twelfth Day: Keeping His Ways audio
Download 13 - Thirteenth Day: For More than We Know audio
Download 14 - Fourteenth Day: The Way to the New Song audio
Download 15 - Fifteenth Day: For His Counsel audio
Download 16 - Sixteenth Day: For His Light in the Heart audio
Download 17 - Seventeenth Day: In Times of Darkness audio
Download 18 - Eighteenth Day: To Reveal Himself audio
Download 19 - Nineteenth Day: As a God of Judgment audio
Download 20 - Twentieth Day: Who Waits on Us audio
Download 21 - Twenty-first Day: The Almighty One audio
Download 22 - Twenty-second Day: Its Certainty of Blessing audio
Download 23 - Twenty-third Day: For Unlooked-for things audio
Download 24 - Twenty-fourth Day: To Know His Goodness audio
Download 25 - Twenty-fifth Day: Quietly audio
Download 26 - Twenty-sixth Day: In Holy Expectancy audio
Download 27 - Twenty-seventh Day: For Redemption audio
Download 28 - Twenty-eighth Day: For the Coming of His Son audio
Download 29 - Twenty-ninth Day: For the Promise of the Father audio
Download 30 - Thirtieth Day: Continually audio
Download 31 - Thirty-first Day: Only audio
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Andrew Murray wrote in the introduction to this daily devotional book of one month’s readings, of the need that many Christians feel of being helped to a deeper and clearer insight into all that Christ could be to them. In this volume he shows both the need and the benefit of waiting upon God, and of giving God time and place to show us what He can do and what He will do. The author encourages us to enlarge our hearts and not limit God; to understand that God can do new things, unheard of things, and hidden things. “When Thou camest down, Thou didst terrible things we looked not for; the mountains flowed down at Thy presence.” (Summary by Christopher Smith)

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