Völsungasaga cover


William Morris (1834-1896)

1. 01 – Chapters I-V
2. 02 – Chapters VI-VIII
3. 03 – Chapters IX-XI
4. 04 – Chapters XII-XV
5. 05 – Chapters XVI-XIX
6. 06 – Chapters XX-XXIV
7. 07 – Chapters XXV-XXVII
8. 08 – Chapters XXVIII-XXIX
9. 09 – Chapters XXX-XXXII
10. 10 – Chapters XXXIII-XXXV
11. 11 – Chapters XXXVI-XXXVIII
12. 12 – Chapters XXXIX-XLIII

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The 13th century Icelandic Völsungasaga is usually read by people studying the Poetic Edda or Wagner’s Ring – which obscures the fact it is a much better story than practically everything derived from it. A riddle-telling dragon, a broken sword, a hooded mysterious wanderer – cannibalism, incest, mutilation, and sensitive hearts. This is R-rated Tolkien – and the unashamedly archaic Magnússon-Morris translation is up for the adventure.Passages spoken in Old Norse are taken from the edition of Sophus Bugge, Berlin, 1891.



- Awesome

There are elements of this story which have made it into more contemporary mythology. The reader does a good job with it as well.


Story is interesting, and well worth the listen through. The Translator is clear and well spoken, but tends to yell at parts which is the only distraction from the recording.