Voces Populi cover

Voces Populi

F. Anstey (1856-1934)

1. An Evening with a Conjuror
2. At the Tudor Exhibition
3. In an Omnibus
4. At a Sale of High Class Sculpture
5. At the Guelph Exhibition
6. At the Royal Academy
7. At the Horse Show
8. At a Dance
9. At the British Museum
10. The Travelling Menagerie
11. At the Regent Street Tussauds
12. At the Military Exhibition
13. At the French Exhibition
14. In the Mall on Drawing Room Day
15. At a Parisian Cafe Chantant
16. At a Garden Party
17. At the Military Tournament
18. Free Speech
19. The Riding Class
20. The Impromptu Charade Party
21. A Christmas Romp
22. On the Ice
23. In a Fog
24. Bricks Without Straw
25. At a Music Hall
26. A Recitation Under Difficulties
27. Bank Holiday
28. A Row in the Pit; or The Obstructive Hat

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F. Anstey was the nom de plume of Thomas Anstey Guthrie, a Londoner who was trained for the bar but found success as a writer of humorous pieces for Punch and humorous novels. Voces Populi, a collection of his Punch pieces, is considered to be among his best works. He treats an array of situations from the charlatan conjuror to a row over a lady's large, obstructive hat at the music hall.