Vice in its Proper Shape cover

Vice in its Proper Shape


1. 0 – Introduction
2. 1 – Chapter 1 – Of the wonderful Transmigration of Jack Idle into the body of an ass
3. 2 – Chapter 2 – An Account of the surprizing Transmigration of Master Anthony Greedyguts, into the Body of a Pig
4. 3 – Chapter 3 – The Transmigration of Miss Dorothy Chatterfast into the Body of a Magpie
5. 4 – Chapter 4 – The Transmigration of Master Stephen Churl into the Body of a little Cur
6. 5 – Chapter 5 – The comical and mortifying Transmigration of little Monsieur Fribble into the Body of a Monkey
7. 6 – Chapter 6 – The dismal Transmigration of Master Tommy Filch into the Body of a Wolf
8. 7 – Chapter 7 – Of the wonderful Transmigration of Master Richard Rustick into the Body of a Bear
9. 8 – Chapter 8 – Of the astonishing Transmigration of Miss Abigail Eviltongue into the Body of a Serpent

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Cautionary tales of the transmigration of the souls of naughty boys and girls, as elucidated by the mysterious Bramin, Mr Wiseman: “Having been gifted with the faculty of distinguishing those animals which are now animated by the souls of such human beings as formerly degraded themselves to a level with the unthinking brutes, I have taken the pains to provide a collection of beasts, birds, &c. most of which are inhabited by the souls of some naughty masters or misses, who died in the neighbourhood.” (David Barnes, quoting the Introduction)



- Review

This is a short interesting read intended to scare children into being good.