Maccabe's Art of Ventriloquism and Vocal Illusions cover

Maccabe's Art of Ventriloquism and Vocal Illusions

Frederic Maccabe

1. Introduction
2. What Ventriloquism Is
3. The Vocal Organs and Their Movements in Uttering Sounds and Vocalization
4. On the Effects of Sound - How to Estimate them for Ventriloqual Purposes
5. How to Begin and Practice Ventriloquism, with Entertaining Dialogues for Rehearsal
6. Polyphonism and Ventriloquism
7. Ventriloquial Dialogues
8. Concluding Remarks

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This manual offers instructions on how to become a ventriloquist. Starting out from a general introduction of ventriloquism, it explains how sounds are formed in the human body and how the voice is used. It then provides exercises for the budding artist, and a number of dialogues for performances.