Vassar Studies cover

Vassar Studies

Julia Augusta Schwartz (1873-1957)

1. Preface
2. In Search of Experience
3. The History of An Ambition
4. The Genius
5. Heroic Treatment
6. The Career of A Radical
7. A Case of Incompatibility
8. For The Honor of The Class
9. A Superior Young Woman
10. That Athletic Girl
11. The Ghost of Her Senior Year
12. Danger!
13. One of The Girls

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Published in 1899, Vassar Studies is a collection of twelve realistic glimpses into the character of attending students at Vassar College. It delves more with the inner workings of people rather than with dramatic incidents or what was studied in college. The glimpses themselves are both wordy and enlightening. The dialogue within each tends to have a background of various people, some with names and some who remain nameless as part of the scenery. The manner in which they speak may be surprisingly academic for those used to college girl stories of the adventurous or mysterious nature. Julia Augusta Schwartz graduated from Vassar in 1896 and earned an MA in English literature the following year.