歌行灯 (Utaandon) cover

歌行灯 (Utaandon)

Kyōka Izumi (1873-1939)

1. Ichi
2. Ni
3. San
4. Shi
5. Go
6. Roku
7. Shichi
8. Hachi
9. Ku
10. Jyu
11. Jyuichi
12. Jyuni
13. Jyusan
14. Jyushi
15. Jyugo
16. Jyuroku
17. Jyushichi
18. Jyuhachi
19. Jyuku
20. Nijyu
21. Nijyuichi
22. Nijyuni
23. Nijyusan

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二人の老人が桑名の駅に降り立った。彼らは、伊勢から東京への帰路で、そこの宿に泊まった。若い男、流しの歌い手が桑名のうどん屋で休みをとった。この二つの話が平行して語られ、最後にひとつに混じり合う。Two elderly men get off the train at Kuwana Station. They are on the way back from Ise to Tokyo and they stay at an inn in Kuwana. A young man, a travelling singer, rests at a noodle shop in Kuwana. The stories of the men parallel each other and merge at the end. The book has been translated into English as "A Song by Lantern Light".