Unknown to History cover

Unknown to History

Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823-1901)

1. Preface
2. The Little Waif
3. Evil Tidings
4. The Captive
5. The Oak and the Oaken Hall
6. The Huckstering Woman
7. The Bewitched Whistle
8. The Blast of the Whistle
9. The Key of the Cipher
10. Unquiet
11. The Lady Arbell
12. Queen Mary's Presence Chamber
13. A Furious Letter
14. Beads and Bracelets
15. The Monograms
16. Mother and Child
17. The Peak Cavern
18. The Ebbing Well
19. Cis or Sister
20. The Clash of Swords
21. Wingfield Manor
22. A Tangle
23. Tutbury
24. The Love Token
25. A Lioness At Bay
26. Paul's Walk
27. In the Web
28. The Castle Well
29. Hunting Down the Deer
30. The Search
31. Tete-A-Tete
32. Evidence
33. Westminster Hall
34. In The Tower
35. Fotheringhay
36. Before the Commissioners
37. A Venture
38. My Lady's Remorse
39. Master Talbot and His Charge
40. The Fetterlock Court
41. The Sentence
42. Her Royal Highness
43. The Supplication
44. The Warrant
45. On the Humber
46. Ten Years After

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During the captivity of Mary, Queen of Scots, plots, conspiracies, and intrigue engulfed the country. Catholics were apprehensive of Protestants; Scots mistrusted the English. No one felt completely safe. Into the midst of this turmoil was thrust a tiny baby girl, rescued from a storm-tossed sea, the solitary survivor of the wreck of the Bride of Dunbar. Was this unfortunate child - adopted and raised in the bosom of a loving family - connected to the displaced and unhappy Queen Mary? Would she eventually find herself at the mercy of the Elizabeth, Queen of England, or would she find happy bliss with her one true love?