Unknown London (version 2) cover

Unknown London (version 2)

Walter George Bell (1867-1942)

1. Preface
2. The Head of the Duke of Suffolk
3. Remains of the City Wall
4. The Shrine of Edward the Confessor
5. Ghosts in the Tower of London
6. The Domesday Book
7. An Old City Merchant's Mansion
8. London's Roman Baths
9. Wapping High Street
10. London Stone
11. The Bones of Men Kau Ra
12. The Baga de Secretis
13. London's Lost King
14. The Fires of Smithfield
15. Waxworks in the Abbey
16. A Lost Invention
17. Letters from London During the Great Plague
18. The Bells of St Clement's
19. A London Household of A.D. 1337

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For anyone interested in history or who think they know London, Eighteen London secrets will be explored in detail.