United Kingdom House of Lords Speeches Collection cover

United Kingdom House of Lords Speeches Collection


1. 1 – Speech on impeachment for High Treason, 1641
2. 3 – Speech on the
3. 4 – Speech on the
4. 6 – Speech in defence of actions at
5. 7 – Speech on the

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This collection comprises recordings of seven historic speeches given to the UK House of Lords between 1641 and 1945. Readings are of speeches origninally given by the 1st Earl of Strafford (Thomas Wentworth), the 1st Earl of Chatham (William Pitt the Elder), the 6th Baron Byron (the poet Lord Byron), the 1st Duke of Wellington (Arthur Wellesley), the 3rd Earl of Lucan (George Lord Bingham) and the 3rd Earl Russell (the philosopher Bertrand Russell).