Understood Betsy cover

Understood Betsy

Dorothy Canfield Fisher

1. 01 – Aunt Harriet Has a Cough
2. 02 – Betsy Holds the Reins
3. 03 – A Short Morning
4. 04 – Betsy Goes to School
5. 05 – What Grade is Betsy
6. 06 – If You Don’t Like Conversation in a Book Skip this Chapter
7. 07 – Elizabeth Ann Fails in an Examination
8. 08 – Betsy Starts a Sewing Society
9. 09 – The New Clothes Fail
10. 10 – Betsy Has A Birthday
11. 11 – Understood Aunt Frances

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Elizabeth Ann is a timid, sickly little girl who lives with her Aunt Frances and her Great-Aunt Harriet. When Great-Aunt Harriet becomes ill, poor little Elizabeth Ann is sent to live with the much-feared Putney cousins, whom, as Great-Aunt Harriet said “Such lack of sympathy, such perfect indifference to the sacred sensitiveness of child-life, such a starving of the child-heart … No, I shall never forget it! They had chores to do … as though they had been hired men!” But to the Putney cousins in Vermont Elizabeth Ann has to go. And there, with her Uncle Henry, Aunt Abigail and Cousin Ann, she grows strong and well and happy and, most importantly, learns to think for herself, and truly becomes Understood Betsy.



- Love it

Love this book

Gina Bearfighter

- Understood Betsy

I loved this book since I was a young girl and I'm 54 now and i still love this book! Nicely written! Takes me back to a place where it was uncomplicated.