Under the Lilacs (version 2) cover

Under the Lilacs (version 2)

Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)

1. A Mysterious Dog
2. Where They Found His Master
3. Ben
4. His Story
5. Ben Gets a Place
6. A Circulating Library
7. New Friends Trot In
8. Miss Celia's Man
9. A Happy Tea
10. A Heavy Trouble
11. Sunday
12. Good Times
13. Somebody Runs Away
14. Somebody Gets Lost
15. Ben's Ride
16. Detective Thornton
17. Betty's Bravery
18. Bows and Arrows
19. Speaking Pieces
20. Ben's Birthday
21. Cupid's Last Appearance
22. Ben's Bargain
23. Somebody Comes
24. The Great Gate is Opened

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    Under the Lilacs is a tale of friendship and adventure from celebrated author Louisa May Alcott. When sisters Bab and Betty Moss decide to have a tea party one spring morning, little did they know a strange and talented dog and a bedraggled circus run-away would come into their lives. Ben Brown is believed to be orphaned. With no family to return to, the girl's kind neighbour, Miss Celia, takes Ben under her care, where he learns the true meaning of friendship, home and family.