Two Years in the Forbidden City cover

Two Years in the Forbidden City

Princess Der Ling

1. 00 – Foreword
2. 01 – Introductory
3. 02 – At The Palace
4. 03 – A Play at the Court
5. 04 – A Luncheon with the Empress
6. 05 – An Audience with the Empress
7. 06 – In Attendance on Her Majesty
8. 07 – Some Incidents of the Court
9. 08 – The Court Ladies
10. 09 – The Emperor Kwang Hsu
11. 10 – The Young Empress
12. 11 – Our Costumes
13. 12 – The Empress and Mrs. Conger
14. 13a – The Empress’s Portrait
15. 13b – The Empress’s Portrait
16. 14 – The Emperor’s Birthday
17. 15 – The Mid-Autumn Festival
18. 16 – The Summer Palace
19. 17 – The Audience Hall
20. 18 – The New Year Festivals
21. 19 – The Sea Palace
22. 20 – Conclusion

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THE author of the following narrative has peculiar qualifications for her task. She is a daughter of Lord Yu Keng, a member of the Manchu White Banner Corps, and one of the most advanced and progressive Chinese officials of his generation. she became First Lady-in-Waiting to the Empress Dowager, and while serving at the Court in that capacity she received the impressions which provide the subject-matter of this book. Her opportunity to observe and estimate the characteristics of the remarkable woman who ruled China for so long was unique, and her narrative throws a new light on one of the most extraordinary personalities of modern times. Yielding to the urgent solicitation of friends, she consented to put some of her experiences into literary form, and the following chronicle, in which the most famous of Chinese women, the customs and atmosphere of her Court are portrayed by an intimate of the same race, is a result.