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Two Treatises of Civil Government

Download 01 - Book I, Chapter 01 audio
Download 02 - Book I, Chapter 02: Of Paternal and Regal Power audio
Download 03 - Book I, Chapter 03: Of Adam's Title to Sovereignty by Creation audio
Download 04 - Book I, Chapter 04: Of Adam’s Title to Sovereignty By Donation, Gen. I. 28 audio
Download 05 - Book I, Chapter 05: Of Adam’s Title to Sovereignty By the Subjection of Eve audio
Download 06 - Book I, Chapter 06: Of Adam’s Title to Sovereignty By Fatherhood audio
Download 07 - Book I, Chapter 07: Of Fatherhood and Property Considered Together As Fountains of Sovereignty audio
Download 08 - Book I, Chapter 08: Of the Conveyance of Adam’s Sovereign Monarchical Power audio
Download 09 - Book I, Chapter 09: Of Monarchy, By Inheritance from Adam audio
Download 10 - Book I, Chapter 10: Of the Heir to Adam’s Monarchical Power audio
Download 11 - Book I, Chapter 11: Who Heir? part 1 audio
Download 12 - Book I, Chapter 11: Who Heir? part 2 audio
Download 13 - Book I, Chapter 11: Who Heir? part 3 audio
Download 14 - Book I, Chapter 11: Who Heir? part 4 audio
Download 15 - Book II, Chapter 01 audio
Download 16 - Book II, Chapter 02: Of the State of Nature audio
Download 17 - Book II, Chapter 03: Of the State of War audio
Download 18 - Book II, Chapter 04: Of Slavery audio
Download 19 - Book II, Chapter 05: Of Property audio
Download 20 - Book II, Chapter 06: Of Paternal Power audio
Download 21 - Book II, Chapter 07: Of Political or Civil Society audio
Download 22 - Book II, Chapter 08: Of the Beginning of Political Societies audio
Download 23 - Book II, Chapter 09: Of the Ends of Political Society and Government audio
Download 24 - Book II, Chapter 10: Of the Forms of a Common-wealth audio
Download 25 - Book II, Chapter 11: Of the Extent of the Legislative Power audio
Download 26 - Book II, Chapter 12: Of the Legislative, Executive, and Federative Power of the Common-wealth audio
Download 27 - Book II, Chapter 13: Of the Subordination of the Powers of the Common-wealth audio
Download 28 - Book II, Chapter 14: Of Prerogative audio
Download 29 - Book II, Chapter 15: Of Paternal, Political, and Despotical Power, Considered Together audio
Download 30 - Book II, Chapter 16: Of Conquest audio
Download 31 - Book II, Chapter 17: Of Usurpation audio
Download 32 - Book II, Chapter 18: Of Tyranny audio
Download 33 - Book II, Chapter 19: Of the Dissolution of Government audio
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The Two Treatises of Civil Government is a work of political philosophy published anonymously in 1689 by John Locke. The First Treatise is an extended attack on Sir Robert Filmer's Patriarcha, which argued for a divinely-ordained, hereditary, absolute monarchy. The more influential Second Treatise outlines a theory of civil society based on natural rights and contract theory. Locke begins by describing the "state of nature," and goes on to explain the hypothetical rise of property and civilization, asserting that the only legitimate governments are those which have the consent of the people.

Locke's ideas heavily influenced both the American and French Revolutions. His notions of people's rights and the role of civil government provided strong support for the intellectual movements of both revolutions. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia)

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