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Twinkly Eyes at Valley Farm

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Twinkly Eyes, the yearling bear cub, finds himself in a trap after visiting the Sugar Camp once too often. However, the boy from the Valley Farm takes him home and they develop a bond with the boy even playing the harmonica for him. But cubs will be cubs, and this little black bear just can't seem to help himself as he manages to get into all kinds of trouble! In his various adventures he meets Unk Wunk the Porcupine, Bobby Lynx, Frisky Fox, Whoo- Whoo the Owl, Mother Black Bear and her new cubs, a Traveling Showman’s dancing bear, and Chet-woof, the cross old bear from a neighboring range. Of course this little adventurous guy is going to learn many lessons along the way. What do you suppose will be the most important of all? (Summary by Laurie Banza)

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