Twenty Years' Experience as a Ghost Hunter cover

Twenty Years' Experience as a Ghost Hunter

Elliott O'Donnell (1872-1965)

1. I Commence My Ghostly Investigations in Dublin
2. I Am Pursued By Phantom Footsteps
3. Some Strange Cases in Scotland
4. I Travel Across the United States
5. A Haunted Office in Denver
6. Cases of Hauntings in St. Louis, New York, and Chicago
7. A Haunted Wood, and a Haunted Quarry in Canada
8. Hauntings in the East End
9. Night Ramblings on Wimbledon Common and Hounslow Heath
10. My Views on a Future Life for the Animal and Vegetable Worlds
11. A Haunting in Regent's Park
12. A Haunted Mine in Wales
13. The Pool in Wales That Lures People to Death
14. I Go On With the History of My Life
15. Some Strange Cases in Birmingham, Harrowgate, Sussex and Newcastle
16. War Ghosts
17. A Case From Japan

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After having a difficult time establishing a career as a novelist, O’Donnell discovered to his happy surprise that the reading public was very interested in his hobby of chasing ghosts, which he called “Superphysical Research.” After this, he made a habit of buttonholing friends and strangers to find out what experiences they had had with spirits and phantasms. He happily volunteered to camp out overnight in houses known to be haunted, and he made a concerted effort to discover any unhappy events that had, perhaps, led a ghost to inhabit. This, then, is a collection of his juiciest remembrances of running down ghosts in Europe and America, both in peace and in the horrors of World War. ( Mark Smith)