Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea cover

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Jules Verne (1828-1905)

1. 1-01: A Runaway Reef
2. 1-02: The Pros and Cons
3. 1-03: As Master Wishes
4. 1-04: Ned Land
5. 1-05: At Random!
6. 1-06: At Full Steam
7. 1-07: A Whale of Unknown Species
8. 1-08: Mobilis in Mobili
9. 1-09: The Tantrums of Ned Land
10. 1-10: The Man of the Waters
11. 1-11: The Nautilus
12. 1-12: Everything through Electricity
13. 1-13: Some Figures
14. 1-14: The Black Current
15. 1-15: An Invitation in Writing
16. 1-16: Strolling the Plains
17. 1-17: An Underwater Forest
18. 1-18: Four Thousand Leagues Under the Pacific
19. 1-19: Vanikoro
20. 1-20: The Torres Strait
21. 1-21: Some Days Ashore
22. 1-22: The Lightning Bolts of Captain Nemo
23. 1-23: Aegri Somnia
24. 1-24: The Coral Realm
25. 2-01: The Indian Ocean
26. 2-02: A New Proposition from Captain Nemo
27. 2-03: A Pearl Worth Ten Million
28. 2-04: The Red Sea
29. 2-05: Arabian Tunnel
30. 2-06: The Greek Islands
31. 2-07: The Mediterranean in Forty-Eight Hours
32. 2-08: The Bay of Vigo
33. 2-09: A Lost Continent
34. 2-10: The Underwater Coalfields
35. 2-11: The Sargasso Sea
36. 2-12: Sperm Whales and Baleen Whales
37. 2-13: The Ice Bank
38. 2-14: The South Pole
39. 2-15: Accident or Incident?
40. 2-16: Shortage of Air
41. 2-17: From Cape Horn to the Amazon
42. 2-18: The Devilfish
43. 2-19: The Gulf Stream
44. 2-20: In Latitude 47 degrees 24′ and Longitude 17 degrees 28′
45. 2-21: A Mass Execution
46. 2-22: The Last Words of Captain Nemo
47. 2-23: Conclusion

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An early science fiction novel written by the second most translated author, French writer Jules Verne, the classic tale depicts an incredible sea expedition on board a state-of-the-art submarine. First published in 1870 and a part of the Voyages Extraordinaires series, the novel is regarded as one of the most thrilling adventure stories and one of Verne’s greatest pieces of work. Immersed in themes of exploration, avant-garde technology, and man’s insatiable desire for knowledge and scientific progression, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea has been an influence for many writers as well as an inspiration for numerous film adaptations. The novel kicks off when rumors spread about sightings of a mysterious sea monster, initially thought to be a giant narwhal. This instigates the United States government to organize an expedition in hopes of hunting down and destroying the ravaging creature. Consequently, French marine biologist Pierre Aronnax is invited to join the expedition, who takes with him his trusted servant Conseil, along with expert harpooner Ned Land, and accordingly the trio set about the search. Following a lengthy pursuit, the ship finally finds and attacks the monster but to no avail, as the impact hurls the three men into the water. In an attempt to grasp the hide of the monster, the men come to a startling discovery as they realize the supposed monster is in fact a submarine. The men are then captured and brought inside the futuristic vessel, which they later find out is named Nautilus, and meet its enigmatic commander and creator, Captain Nemo. So begins the journey on board the Nautilus, as its three coerced guests travel across all the world’s seas visiting different underwater locations while witnessing the most bizarre, yet gripping marvels of the oceanic depths. Shipwrecks, giant squids, sharks, lost cities, coral reefs, whirlpools and an eccentric captain are just some of the obstacles separating the trio from their freedom. An exhilarating subaqueous adventure through unseen wonders, Verne’s detailed and prophetic imagination propels the novel and secures its position as a literary classic and a pristine model for science fiction enthusiasts.



Everyone keeps mentioning the first lady, but Sean in chapter 8-9 reading is horrendous. It sounds like he's speaking through a mouth full of spit he refuses to discharge. I was thuroughly disgusted

really good book but the woman from chapter 1-7-11 needs to be replaced and read by someone else I would just by the book and read it.


- Her reading sucks !

Lady you put people to sleep. Unfortunately this was my first audio book and you made totally uninterested. The way she reads is as if she is reading for a namesake to earn some money. I dont understand how people would even give 2 stars and some douchebags have even given 5 star rating !


- Horrible

I have heard a lot of audio books and some readers are really good but the woman reading chapter 1 is awful. And it's painful to listen to I couldn't hear all of it. Now with the woman in chapter 18 she has potential believe it or not. She has a good voice but it sounds like she needs to re catch her breath every time she finishes a sentence. In conclusion I would not recommend this book.

Peter R

- If you are worried about the readers, don't be

If you are hesitant on listening to this book because of the readers, don't be. True, some of the readers are better than others, but honestly, there was only one chapter that was incomprehensible. Don't pass this classic up.....


- Great book. Spotty reading

A great piece of work ... But. Many different readers creates a distracting listening experience. And I agree with many here, the woman who reads is not very engaging. She has a very affected way of speaking/ reading that is almost


- Review

What a wonderful book. So different then the movies. Very very scientifically informative. If you can get past the first two chapters with its horrible narration you will enjoy the book. I didn't want it to end.

Jeffrey PK

- Not Great

It sounds like one reader has theatrical training and she does not know how to just read a good story. Lilting your voice down and up wow. Great book though


- That woman!

Oh lord. I have tried to get into this book so many times, but that woman's voice is HORRENDOUS. It is honestly unlistenable. If you skip through her first track you come across multiple other readers who are bareable, but don't get comfortable - because she comes back. From what I have been able to listen to this book is amazing but the audio does it such a disservice.


- 20,000 leagues under the seas

Good grief. I love this story, but some of the readers leave much to be desired. One in particular should learn how to pronounce common words. One reader was excellent, but there wasn't enough of him. I wish he'd read the entire volume.