True Bear Stories cover

True Bear Stories

Joaquin Miller (1837-1913)

1. Preface and Introductory Notes
2. A Bear on Fire
3. Music-Loving Bears; My First Grizzly
4. Twin Babies
5. In Swimming With a Bear
6. A Fat Little Editor and Three Little Browns; Treeing a Bear
7. Bill Cross and His Pet Bear; The Great Grizzly Bear
8. As a Humorist; A Grizzly's Sly Little Joke; The Grizzly as Fremont Found Him
9. The Bear With Spectacles
10. The Bear Slayer of San Diego
11. The Alaskan and Polar Bear
12. Monnehan, the Great Bear Hunter of Oregon
13. The Bear 'Monarch.' Part A
14. The Bear 'Monarch.' Part B
15. The Bear 'Monarch.' Part C
16. Scientific Classification of Bears

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Joaquin Miller dedicated this book to "my dear little daughter...for whose pleasure and instruction I have many times dug up the most of these stories from out the days of my boyhood." In his preface he claims to prefer true stories to made-up ones. And he always defends bears, which he thinks have gotten an undeserved bad reputation from the general populous. Miller strives here to pass on a respect for the variety and wisdom in the lives of real bears. But perhaps we should offer one caution: throughout his life Joaquin Miller gained a reputation for being a supreme liar!