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#1 - Act 1

Tristan and Iseult

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A stage version of the traditional Celtic legend of Tristan and Iseult by the Welsh poet and playwright Arthur Symons. - Summary by Alan Mapstone

Cast List

King Mark of Cornwall: Alan Mapstone
The King of Ireland: Alan Mapstone
The Queen of Ireland: Sonia
Tristan: Nephew of King Mark of Cornwall: Greg Giordano
Iseult of Ireland: Daughter of the Queen: Jenn Broda
Iseult of Brittany: Cousin of Iseult of Ireland: Krista Zaleski
Meriadoc: Nephew of the Queen of Ireland: redrun
Brangaene: Lady in attendance on Iseult of Ireland: Michele Eaton
Melot: Fool at the court of King Mark: ToddHW
Physician/Child/Another Woman: Inkell
Elaine: Lady in attendance on Iseult of Brittany: Lauren
Ygraine: Lady in attendance on Iseult of Brittany: Sandra Schmit
Imogen: Lady in attendance on Iseult of Brittany: Marie Christian
Attendant: Adrian Stephens
Stage Directions: hmpecker

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