Tom Swift and the Visitor From Planet X cover

Tom Swift and the Visitor From Planet X

Victor Appleton (1873-1962)

1. 01 – The Earthquake
2. 02 – The Mysterious Hitchhiker
3. 03 – Report From InterPol
4. 04 – Another Tremor!
5. 05 – Secret Cache
6. 06 – Brungarian Coup
7. 07 – Wall of Water
8. 08 – A Suspect Talks
9. 09 – The Cave Monster
10. 10 – Energy From Planet X
11. 11 – An Electrical Christening
12. 12 – Exman Takes Orders
13. 13 – Disaster Strikes
14. 14 – Air-borne Hijackers
15. 15 – Kidnaped!
16. 16 – A Unique Experiment
17. 17 – An Urgent Warning
18. 18 – Earthquake Island
19. 19 – A Fiendish Machine
20. 20 – The Robot Spy’s Story

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If you haven't come across the 200-book series about Tom Swift Jr, this book would be an interesting one to start with. The series is aimed at the young adult readership, probably male, and the young adolescent hero, Tom Swift Jr is the son of Tom Swift Sr. The books portray the perennially 18-year-old Tom, a tall and angular youngster, possessed of a very high intelligence and presence of mind. Regular characters include his parents, younger sister Sandy, best buddy Bud Barclay, his regular date Phyllis Newton, and the comic roly-poly Chow Winkler. This star cast features in almost all the novels. Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X is an exciting sci-fi tale, in which the inventive and scientifically inclined Tom and friends have set up Swift Enterprises, a vast four-mile facility where inventions are conceived and built. They have established contact with intelligent beings on a distant planet and make preparations to welcome the first visitor from there. However, they're unexpectedly drawn into a deadly internecine battle between diabolical forces on the distant planet which aim to sabotage the visit and destroy Earth. Tom's quick thinking and inventiveness come to the fore as he develops a devastating weapon to counter the evil forces. This exciting tale certainly keeps you interested and engaged. The Tom Swift series is the product of a writing syndicate called the Stratemeyer Syndicate which published a range of packaged children's literature in the 1950s. Other series include the famous Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, all of which were penned by a host of writers employed by this syndicate. In fact the syndicate employed three PhDs in science and technology to ensure scientific authenticity. The series is still running and the last set was published between 2006-7.



- tom swift

Love this book! and its reader


- Tom Swift

We don't expect a Tom Swift book to be great literature and it isn't but the reader is fantastic. He evidently has a good bit of acting experience and must be familiar with old time radio scifi drama. He uses futuristic sounding music and sound effects to introduce each chapter. He is great with voices. He reads the mom's and girl's parts without sounding shrill or ridiculous and he makes each of the characters individual and recognizable without excessive exaggeration. Even the comic character "Chow" is believable. It's a good old fashioned scifi yarn for kids, brilliantly read.