Through Fairy Halls of My Bookhouse cover

Through Fairy Halls of My Bookhouse


1. The Assembling of the Fays
2. The Story of Fairyfoot
3. Lullaby for Titania
4. The Sleeping Beauty
5. Song on May Morning
6. Mr. Moon
7. Prince Harweda and the Magic Prison
8. Hie Away, Hie Away
9. Hansel and Gretel
10. The Princess on the Glass Hill
11. The Pert Fire Engine
12. The Marvelous Pot
13. Daniel O'Rourke
14. Her Dairy
15. The Wise Men of Gotham
16. Wild Flowers
17. Where Sarah Jane's Doll Went
18. In the Lane
19. Kids
20. A Credit to the School
21. A Boy's Song
22. The Luck Boy of Toy Valley
23. The Duty that was Not Paid
24. The Story of a Beaver
25. Robert of Lincoln
26. Music Loving Bears
27. The Dance of the Forest People
28. Little Nell and Mrs. Jarley's Wax Works
29. The Shaking of the Pear Tree
30. The Twelve Months: A Bohemian Fairy Tale
31. Our Winter
32. The Three Wishes: A Spanish Fairy Tale
33. White Horses
34. Why the Sea is Salt: A Norse Folk Tale
35. The Sea Shell
36. The Strong Boy: A Canadian Fairy Tale
37. The Ogre that Played Jackstraws
38. A Song from 'The Flowers of Old Japan'
39. A Moon-Maiden: A Japanese Fairy Tale
40. The Village Fair
41. The Good Comrades of the Flying Ship: A Russian Tale
42. Pigling and Her Proud Sister: A Korean Cinderella Tale
43. A Tragic Story
44. Aruman, A Hero of Java
45. A Malayan Monkey Song
46. The Fisherman Who Caught the Sun: A Hawaiian Legend
47. A Tropical Morning at Sea
48. My Nicaragua
49. How Night Came: A Brazilian Fairy Tale
50. The Twilight
51. The Man Who Loved Hai Quai: An Indian Tale of Mt. Tacoma
52. The Adventures of Yehl and the Beaming Maiden: An Alaskan Legend
53. Afar in the Desert
54. The Lost Spear: A South African Tale
55. Fairy Forests
56. How Brer Rabbit Met Brer Tar-Baby
57. Melilot
58. The Fog
59. The Ragged Pedlar
60. The Pedlar's Song
61. David and Goliath
62. Rhodopis and Her Little Gilded Sandals: The First Cinderella Story
63. A Day
64. Phaeton a Greek Myth
65. The Cloud
66. The Golden Touch
67. The Humming Bird
68. The Acorn and the Pumpkin
69. The Golden Bird: A German Fairy Tale
70. The Bells
71. The Snow Queen
72. Prince Cherry
73. Gigi and the Magic Ring: An Italian Fairy Tale
74. The Month of March: An Italian Fairy Tale
75. March
76. Columbine and Her Playfellows of the Italian Pantomime
77. The Six Swans: A German Fairy Tale
78. The Two Bad Bargains: A Serbian Tale\
79. How the Waterfall Came to the Thirsting Mountain: A Roumanian Fairy Tale
80. The Cataract of Lodore
81. Through the Mouse Hole: A Czech Fairy Tale
82. April
83. Tudur Ap Einion: A Welsh Fairy Tale
84. East O' the Sun and West O' the Moon: A Norse Folk Tale
85. The Boy and the Elf
86. Little Diamond and the North Wind
87. The Renowned and World-Famous Adventures of Punch and Judy

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Full of delightful fairy tales, charming poems and engaging stories, this is the third volume of the "My Bookhouse" series for little ones. Originally published in the 1920's as a six volume set, these books, edited by Olive Beaupre Miller, contained the best in children's literature, stories, poems and nursery rhymes. They progressed in difficulty through the different volumes.