Three Minute Stories cover

Three Minute Stories

Laura E. Richards (1850-1943)

1. Johnny and His Sand Box
2. Monosyllabics
3. The New Leaves
4. Grandmother’s Alphabet
5. The New Leaf
6. Mr. Hoppy Frog
7. New Year’s Day in the Wood
8. The News from Angel Land
9. The Boastful Donkey
10. The Cat’s Name
11. Suppity, Sippity!.
12. Johnny’s Red Shoes and White Stockings
13. The Foolish Tortoise
14. The Garden Gate
15. Little Cat’s Valentine
16. To My Valentine
17. March
18. Something New
19. Mr. Sparrow’s Bath
20. Little Girl
21. How Mr. Peacock Went to the Fair
22. Little Boy
23. Faithful Trusty
24. The Grateful Crane
25. The King of the Fen
26. The Swing
27. The Trees
28. The Leprechaun
29. The Deer and the Crow
30. Little Goldstar
31. The Broom
32. The Clever Crows
33. The John-Betty Table
34. The Little Gray Doves
35. Merry Christmas
36. Christmas Gifts
37. Church-bells
38. The Bird of Light
39. The Brothers and Sisters
40. The Pigeons
41. Pussy and Doggy
42. Dick’s Family

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This is a delightful collection of little stories for little people, just right to be listened to at bed time by a sleepy boy or girl. Some have a moral, some are just fun and some are poems; but all of them are either written or adapted by the well known author Laura Richards. These bite sized stories are all sweetly reminiscent of by gone days when life seemed simpler and easier for adults and children.