Three Ghost Stories cover

Three Ghost Stories

Charles Dickens

1. 1 – The Signal Man
2. 2a – The Haunted House: The Mortals in the House
3. 2b – The Haunted House: The Ghost in Master B’s room
4. 3 – The Trial for Murder

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As a gifted writer with a strong interest in supernatural phenomena, Charles Dickens produced a string of ghost stories with enduring charm. Three of them are presented here, of which The Signal Man is one of the best known. Though quite different from his most celebrated realistic and humorous critical novels, these ghost stories, Gothic and grotesque as they are, are of good portrayal, and worth a read/listen. Summary by Vivian Chan



- Crappy readers

Good book but un-listenable due to horrendous narration


- Great book

This book has kept me up all night listing to it!