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#1 - 64 Washington - First in War, First in Peace

This Country of Ours, Part 7

Download 64 Washington - First in War, First in Peace audio
Download 65 Adams - How He Kept Peace With France audio
Download 66 Jefferson - How the Territory of the United States Was Doubled audio
Download 67 Jefferson - How the Door Into the Far West Was Opened audio
Download 68 Jefferson - About an American Who Wanted To Be a King audio
Download 69 Madison - The Shooting Star And the Prophet audio
Download 70 Madison - War With Great Britain audio
Download 71 Monroe - The First Whispers of a Storm - Monroe's Famous Doctrine audio
Download 72 Adams - The Tariff of Abominations audio
Download 73 Jackson - "Liberty And Union, Now And Forever" - Van Buren - Hard Times audio
Download 74 Harrison - The Hero of Tippecanoe audio
Download 75 Tyler - Florida Becomes a State audio
Download 76 Polk - How Much Land Was Added To the United States audio
Download 77 Polk - The Finding of Gold audio
Download 78 Taylor - Union Or Disunion audio
Download 79 Fillmore - The Underground Railroad audio
Download 80 Pierce - The Story of "Bleeding Kansas" audio
Download 81 Buchanan - The Story of the Mormons audio
Download 82 Buchanan - The First Shots audio
Download 83 Lincoln - From Bull Run To Fort Donelson audio
Download 84 Lincoln - The Story of the First Battle Between Ironclads audio
Download 85 Lincoln - Thru Battle of Shiloh And the Taking of New Orleans audio
Download 86 Lincoln - The Slaves Are Made Free audio
Download 87 Lincoln - Chancellorsville - the Death of Stonewall Jackson audio
Download 88 Lincoln - The Battle of Gettysburg audio
Download 89 Lincoln - Grant's Campaign - Sheridan's Ride audio
Download 90 Lincoln - Sherman's March To the Sea - Lincoln Re-elected President audio
Download 91 Lincoln - the End of the War - The President's Death audio
Download 92 Johnson - How the President Was Impeached audio
Download 93 Grant - A Peaceful Victory audio
Download 94 Hayes - Garfield - Arthur audio
Download 95 Cleveland - Harrison - Cleveland audio
Download 96 McKinley - War And Sudden Death audio
Download 97 Roosevelt - Taft audio
Download 98 Wilson - Troubles With Mexico audio
Download 99 Wilson - The Great War audio
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Another fine history book for children! Published in 1917, Marshall’s book of stories from the history of the United States begins with accounts of exploration and settlement, and ends with the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

This is Part 7: Stories of the United States under the Constitution, from chapter 64 (Washington First in War, First in Peace) to chapter 99 (Wilson - The Great War). Read along and view the original illustrations at

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(Summary by Kara)

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