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#1 - Dedication; To the Boys and Girls

Thirty More Famous Stories Retold

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Download King John and the Magna Charta audio
Download Frederick Barbarossa audio
Download The Man in the Iron Mask audio
Download How Rome Was Founded audio
Download How Decius Mus Saved Rome audio
Download Delenda est Carthago! audio
Download Hannibal, the Hero of Carthage audio
Download Crossing the Rubicon audio
Download The White-headed Zal audio
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Thirty More Famous Stories Retold, the sequel to the popular Fifty Famous Stories Retold, retells the stories of legendary people and mythological figures in simple, easy-to-understand language appropriate for intermediate readers and listeners of all ages. Contained within are the fascinating and thrilling stories from science and myth, from Camelot and Rome, that every child should know. In James Baldwin's introduction he explains that: "Nearly all the stories are true, and there are not more than three or four that might not have happened. In every one there is something worth learning and remembering." - Summary by Introduction & Jill Engle

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