Yellow House cover

Yellow House

Edward Phillips Oppenheim (1866-1946)

1. The Yellow House
2. On The Moor
3. Mr. Bruce Deville
4. Our Mysterious Neighbors
5. A South American Letter
6. The Millionaire
7. A Fruitless Appeal
8. The Coming Of Mr. Berdenstein
9. A Terrible Interruption
10. Canon Of Belchester
11. The Gathering Of The Cloud
12. Mr. Berdenstein's Sister
13. For Vengeance
14. Adelaide Fortress's Guest
15. The Likeness Of Philip Maltabar
16. "It Was My Father"
17. A Conference or Two
18. Friends
19. A Corner Of The Curtain
20. I Am The Victim
21. Out Of Danger
22. An Unholy Compact
23. In The Plantation
24. My Dilemma
25. A Proposal
26. The Evidence Of Circumstances
27. A Ghost In Whitechapel
28. Eastminster
29. The Breaking Of The Storm
30. The Master Of Colville Hall

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Vicar and his two daughters move to a small, quiet country village and soon learn that their neighbor in the yellow house holds secrets that will change everything they thought to be real in their lives.


Very well read indeed