Wild Swans at Coole (Version 2) cover

Wild Swans at Coole (Version 2)

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

1. The Wild Swans at Coole
2. In Memory of Major Robert Gregory
3. An Irish Airman Foresees his Death
4. Men Improve with the Years
5. The Collarbone of a Hare
6. Under the Round Tower
7. Solomon to Sheba
8. The Living Beauty
9. A Song
10. To a Young Beauty
11. To a Young Girl
12. The Scholars
13. Tom O'Roughley
14. The Sad Shepherd
15. Lines Written in Dejection
16. The Dawn
17. On Woman
18. The Fisherman
19. The Hawk
20. Memory
21. Her Praise
22. The People
23. His Phoenix
24. A Thought from Propertius
25. Broken Dreams
26. A Deep-Sworn Vow
27. Presences
28. The Balloon of the Mind
29. To a Squirrel at Kyle-Na-Gno
30. On Being Asked for a War Poem
31. In Memory of Alfred Pollexfen
32. Upon a Dying Lady
33. Ego Dominus Tuus
34. A Prayer on Going into my House
35. The Phases of the Moon
36. The Cat and the Moon
37. The Saint and the Hunchback
38. Two Songs of a Fool
39. Another Song of a Fool
40. The Double Vision of Michael Robartes

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    A collection of poems from the mid-career of this renowned Irish poet, the title poem referring to the estate of his friend and mentor, Lady Gregory. The poems display Yeats' use of symbols (cat, hare, moon, etc), his attachment to the supernatural and Irish folklore, and his recourse to alter egos (Aherne and Robartes). They also exemplify his distinctive style of expression.



    - 2 sisters

    Once upon a time there were 2 sisters thy loved each other but one of them was so sad because she didn't had a father . But people have to realize not always you need a dad you always have your family. Thank you: