Audiobook: Widowing of Mrs Holroyd

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Widowing of Mrs Holroyd

1 - Introduction


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Mrs. Holroyd is married to a loutish miner, who drinks, apparently patronizes prostitutes, and apparently brutalizes her. When a gentlemanly neighbor makes romantic advances to her, she wishes her husband dead. - Summary by Michele Eaton

Cast List:
Stage Directions: Scarbo
Jack: silverquill
Clara: Dtcastid
Blackmore: MrsHand
Mrs Holroyd: EltonTheSnowman
Holroyd: alanmapstone
Minnie: shreyasethi
Grandmother: Availle
Manager: ToddHW
Rigley: alanmapstone
First Bearer: Salvationist
Laura: LaurenEmma3
Second Bearer: ChuckW

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