The Way of Peace cover

The Way of Peace

James Allen

1. 1 – The Power of Meditation
2. 2 – The Two Masters, Self and Truth
3. 3 – The Acquirement of Spiritual Power
4. 4 – The Realization of Selfless Love
5. 5 – Entering into the Infinite
6. 6 – Saints, Sages, and Saviors; the Law of Service
7. 7 – The Realization of Perfect Peace

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The Way of Peace is your guide to the power of meditation; self and truth; the acquirement of spiritual power; the realization of selfless love; entering into the infinite; saints, sages, and saviors; the law of service; and the realization of perfect peace.



- Reader

I've already listened to another audiobook read by Andrea Fiyore if I've spelled it correctly - she's a great reader and I enjoy it. Nice inflection, clear pronunciation and healthy cadence. I look forward to listening to this audiobook on my long drives to and from work.