Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (version 2) cover

Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (version 2)

Hugh Lofting (1886-1947)

1. Prologue
2. The Cobbler's Son
3. I Hear Of The Great Naturalist
4. The Doctor's Home
5. The Wiff-Waff
6. Polynesia
7. The Wounded Squirrel
8. Shellfish Talk
9. Are You A Good Noticer?
10. The Garden Of Dreams
11. The Private Zoo
12. My Schoolmaster, Polynesia
13. My Great Idea
14. A Traveler Arrives
15. Chee-Chee's Voyage
16. I Become A Doctor's Assistant
17. The Crew Of "The Curlew"
18. Luke The Hermit
19. Jip And The Secret
20. Bob
21. Mendoza
22. The Judge's Dog
23. The End of the Mystery
24. Three Cheers
25. The Purple Bird-Of-Paradise
26. Long Arrow, The Son Of Golden Arrow
27. Blind Travel
28. Destiny And Destination
29. The Third Man
30. Good-Bye!
31. Our Troubles Begin
32. Our Troubles Continue
33. Polynesia Has A Plan
34. The Bed-Maker Of Monteverde
35. The Doctor's Wager
36. The Great Bullfight
37. We Depart In A Hurry
38. Shellfish Languages Again
39. The Fidgit's Story
40. Bad Weather
41. Wrecked!
42. Land!
43. The Jabizri
44. Hawk's-Head Mountain
45. A Great Moment
46. The Men Of The Moving, Land
47. Fire
48. What Makes An Island Float
49. War!
50. General Polynesia
51. The Peace Of The Parrots
52. The Hanging Stone
53. The Election
54. The Coronation Of King Jong
55. New Popsipetel
56. Thoughts Of Home
57. The Red Man's Science
58. The Sea-Serpent
59. The Shellfish Riddle Solved At Last
60. The Last Cabinet Meeting
61. The Doctor's Decision

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    Doctor Dolittle and his friends travel to South America to meet the greatest naturalist in the New World. A note to listeners: This book was written in a different time, and as such, contains language and sentiments that are offensive to modern sensibilities.



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    I enjoyed listening to this book. Sometimes quality was not very good but I thank readers anyway because they volunteered.