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Vanishing Man

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Download 11 - The Evidence Reviewed audio
Download 12 - A Voyage of Discovery audio
Download 13 - The Crowner's Quest audio
Download 14 - Which Carries the Reader Into the Probate Court audio
Download 15 - Circumstantial Evidence audio
Download 16 - "O! Artemidorus, Farewell!" audio
Download 17 - The Accusing Finger audio
Download 18 - John Bellingham audio
Download 19 - A Strange Symposium audio
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A young doctor, former student of the legal and medical expert Dr. John Thorndyke, finds himself almost accidentally drawn into a case in which a man has vanished. Perhaps he has died; perhaps not;but the issue is very important because the will that he has left behind is curiously -- annoyingly curiously -- worded. Fortunately, Dr. Thorndyke's rationality combined with his forensic skills, bring the case to a conclusion, while the young doctor meets the love of his life in the Egyptian rooms of the British Museum. (Nicholas Cifford)

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