Valley of Fear (Version 3) cover

Valley of Fear (Version 3)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

1. The Warning
2. Sherlock Holmes Discourses
3. The Tragedy of Birlstone
4. Darkness
5. The People of The Drama
6. A Dawning Light
7. The Solution
8. The Man
9. The Bodymaster
10. The Lodge 341, Vermissa
11. The Valley of Fear
12. The Darkest Hour
13. Danger
14. The Trapping of Birdy Edwards

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    Receiving a mysterious cypher message from a Fred Porlock, apparent agent of the infamous Professor Moriarty, Holmes and Watson set about deciphering the message, taking them into the mysterious murder of John Douglas. The connection between the murder and the message from Porlock creates the basis for this new Sherlock mystery, the last novel written by Doyle featuring the famous detective.