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#1 - 01 - The Undying One - Canto 1

Undying One and Other Poems

Download 01 - The Undying One - Canto 1 audio
Download 02 - The Undying One - Canto 2 audio
Download 03 - The Undying One - Canto 3 - Part 1 audio
Download 04 - The Undying One - Canto 3 - Part 2 audio
Download 05 - The Undying One - Canto 4 audio
Download 06 - On the Purple and White Carnation - A Fable audio
Download 07 - The Careless Word audio
Download 08 - They Loved one another audio
Download 09 - My Heart is like a withered Nut audio
Download 10 - My Childhood’s Home audio
Download 11 - Escape from the Snares of Love audio
Download 13 - As when from Dreams awaking audio
Download 16 - The Pilgrim of Life audio
Download 17 - The Captive Pirate audio
Download 19 - I was not false to thee audio
Download 20 - The Greek Girl’s Lament for her Lover audio
Download 21 - Oh! Life is like the Summer Rill audio
Download 22 - When poor in all but Hope and Love audio
Download 23 - We have been Friends together audio
Download 24 - The Boatswain’s Song audio
Download 25 - Recollections audio
Download 26 - Description of a lost Friend: from the Morning Post audio
Download 27 - Recollections of a faded Beauty audio
Download 30 - The Crooked Sixpence audio
Download 31 - The Wanderer looking into other Homes audio
Download 36 - My Native Land, from the German of Körner audio
Download 38 - Would I were with thee! audio
Download 40 - The Faithless Knight audio
Download 43 - The Arab's Farewell to his Horse audio

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“The Byron of our modern poetesses," was the verdict of Henry Nelson Coleridge, the eldest son of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, writing in an 1840 issue of The Quarterly Review about the poet Caroline Norton. Born Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Sheridan in 1808, she was the granddaughter of the famous Irish playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan. On their introduction to London Society, Caroline and her two sisters were dubbed The Three Graces for their beauty and accomplishments. Her disastrous marriage to George Norton in 1827 ultimately led to her campaigning successfully to change those Laws of England relating to Divorce, child custody and women's property rights. Caroline and her tragic experiences and life were the inspiration for many works by Victorian writers including Alfred Tennyson, William Makepeace Thackeray, Benjamin Disraeli, Charles Dickens and George Meredith. She died in 1877.

"The Undying One and Other Poems" published in 1830 was her second book. The title poem is an epic based on the legend of the Wandering Jew, the sinner who is doomed to roam the earth until Judgment Day. (Summary by Noel Badrian)

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