The Type-Writer Girl cover

The Type-Writer Girl

Grant Allen (1848-1899)

1. 01 Introduces a Latter-Day Heroine
2. 02 The Struggle for Life
3. 03 Environment Wins
4. 04 The Choice of a Patron
5. 05 Vive L’Anarchie
6. 06 The Inner Brotherhood
7. 07 A Mutinous Mutineer
8. 08 Called “Of Accidents”
9. 09 I Play Carmen
10. 10 Sic Me Servavit Apollo!
11. 11 A Sail on the Horizon
12. 12 A Cavalier Makes Advances
13. 13 Concerning Romeo
14. 14 “Now Barabbas Was a Publisher”
15. 15 Fresh Light on Romeo
16. 16 I Try Literature
17. 17 A Drawn Battle
18. 18 An Autumn Holiday
19. 19 “O Romeo, Romeo!”
20. 20 “Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?”
21. 21 Envoy Plenipotentiary
22. 22 I Cling to the Rigging

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“There is no more pathetic figure in our world to-day than the common figure of the poor young lady, crushed between classes above and below, and left with scarce a chance of earning her bread with decency.” So says Juliet Appleton’s boss, encouraging her to put her story into print. How will this college-educated 23-year-old survive the Darwinian Battle of Life in late Victorian England? She’s fundless in London but armed, by way of adaptive structures, with those two high-tech devices of the day: a bicycle for mobility and a typewriter for utility.



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