Two Heroines of Plumplington cover

Two Heroines of Plumplington

Anthony Trollope (1815-1882)

1. The Two Girls
2. "Down I Shall Go"
3. Mr. Greenmantle is Much Perplexed
4. Jack Hollycombe
5. Dr. Freeborn and Philip Hughes
6. The Young Ladies are to be Taken Abroad
7. The Young Ladies are to Remain at Home
8. Christmas Day

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    In the small English Town of Plumplington the daughter of a brewer and that of a banker each has selected her future husband contrary to the wishes of her father. Both young men are regarded as not 'good enough', though each is, in fact, much like the respective father when at that age. The girls, with the support of various townspeople, endeavor to get their way. One refuses to wear the nice clothes her father so much admires her in, while the other takes to her bed and refuses to eat. The fathers, of course, give in, and ultimately agree to the happy ending. (Arnold Banner)