The Truth About Jesus.  Is He a Myth? cover

The Truth About Jesus. Is He a Myth?

M. M. Mangasarian (1859-1943)

1. 01 – Part I: A Parable
2. 02 – Part I: In Confidence
3. 03 – Part I: Is Jesus A Myth
4. 04 – Part I: The Problem Stated
5. 05 – Part I: The Christian Documents
6. 06 – Part I: Virgin Births
7. 07 – Part I: Origin of the Cross
8. 08 – Part I: Silence of Contemporary Writers
9. 09 – Part I: The Jesus Story A Religious Drama
10. 10 – Part I: The Jesus of Paul Not the Jesus of the Gosples
11. 11 – Part I: Is Christianity Real
12. 12 – Part II: Is The World Indebted To Christianity?
13. 13 – Part II: Christianity and Paganism
14. 14 – Part III: Some Modern Opinions about Jesus
15. 15 – Part III: Another Rhetorical Jesus and “We owe everything to Jesus”
16. 16 – Part III: A Liberal Jew Praises Jesus
17. 17 – Appendix, part 1
18. 18 – Appendix, part 2

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The following work offers in book form the series of studies on the question of the historicity of Jesus, presented from time to time before the Independent Religious Society in Orchestra Hall, Chicago, 1909. No effort has been made to change the manner of the spoken, into the more regular form of the written, word.



- This book

Built on material suited to authors ideas on religion. Especially he doesn't know Islam.


- Sarduchi

Research was done. It's not like the Bible was historical.

Jorge Sardina

- Garbage

This is nothing but an attempt to discredit Christ by a lost soul.

Frank lopez

- Is Jesus a myth

Very clear and concise