Three Bears of Porcupine Ridge cover

Three Bears of Porcupine Ridge

Jean M. Thompson (1865-?)

1. The Three Bears of Porcupine Ridge
2. Ring Neck, Leader of the Flying Wedge
3. The Revolt of Timothy
4. The Little Red Doe of Deer Pass
5. Dame Woodchuck and the Red Monster
6. Tracked by a Catamount
7. The Call of the Moose
8. The Last Wolf of the Pack
9. How Unk-Wunk the Porcupine Met His Match
10. The Ghost of the Wainscot
11. Why the Weasel Never Sleeps
12. Mrs. White-Spot and Her Kittens
13. In the Bobcat’s Den
14. Why Ahmuk the Beaver Moved
15. Nicodemus, King of Crow Colony
16. The Story of Rusty Starling
17. Where the Partridge Drums
18. How Solomon Owl Became Wise
19. The King of Balsam Swamp
20. The Giant of the Corn-Field
21. The Bravery of Ebenezer Coon
22. The Narrow Escape of Velvet Wings
23. Nemox, the Crafty Robber of the Marshes
24. The Keeper of Tamarack Ridge

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Twenty-four delightful tales for children. Meet Timothy Mouse, Little Red Doe, Dame Woodchuck, King Moose and Unk-Wunk the Porcupine with their friends. Adventure and humor are skillfully wrapped around these lovable characters.