Thing in the Attic (version 2) cover

Thing in the Attic (version 2)

James B. Blish (1921-1975)

1. Part 1
2. Part 2

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    "Honath and his fellow arch-doubters did not believe in the Giants, and for this they were cast into Hell. And when survival depended upon unwavering faith in their beliefs, they saw that there were Giants, after all...." The Thing in the Attic is a Science Fiction story by James Blish with a well developed story line and great characters that you find yourself pulling for as they struggle to understand and survive in 'hell'. Do they have tails? yes they do. Do they live in the treetops? you bet they do. Are they 'people'? Well, I will let you decide that. The strange beings and environment that you expect from Blish are all here and they challenge you to adapt your thinking to keep up with the action. And of course there is an ending that is definitely not expected. Listen and enjoy this story of a strange world far in the future of the human race.



    - Thing in the Attic

    Cute little story, Greg does a good job of reading it.