Sunbonnet Babies in Italy cover

Sunbonnet Babies in Italy

Eulalie Osgood Grover (1873-1958)

1. The Arrival at Naples
2. The First Drive
3. Seeing Strange Sights
4. A Visit to the Museum
5. An Afternoon in the Park
6. The Buried City
7. A Long Drive
8. Pirates
9. The Humpbacked Island
10. In the City of Rome
11. The Story of the Twins
12. Travel Adventures
13. The City in the Sea
14. The Gondolier's Home
15. A Letter to the Boys and Girls

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    "See that smoking mountain, Molly! Look! I believe it is a volcano. It is Mount Vesuvius. Yes, I know it is Mount Vesuvius!" May, the Sunbonnet Baby, was talking with Molly, her little Sunbonnet Baby sister. They were standing on the deck of a great ocean steamer. They had been sailing on the steamer for days and days. They had sailed more than four thousand miles away from their home in America. Now they were almost at the end of their journey. They would very soon be in Italy." This is of course another "Sunbonnet Baby" book that takes Mary and her little sister Molly on a tour of Italy. It is meant to give children a taste of the marvels of the Italian pennunsula, visiting Sicily, Rome, Capri, Naples, the country side, and many other wonderful cities and towns.