Story of the Thirteen Colonies cover

Story of the Thirteen Colonies

H. A. Guerber (1859-1929)

1. Preface
2. Our Country Long Ago
3. The Barbarous Indians
4. The Mounds
5. Where the Northmen went
6. The Northmen in America
7. Queer Ideas
8. Prince Henry the Navigator
9. Youth of Columbus
10. Columbus and the Queen
11. "Land! Land!"
12. Columbus and the Savages
13. Home Again
14. Columbus Illtreated
15. Death of Columbus
16. How America got its Name
17. The Fountain of Youth
18. "The Father of Waters"
19. The French in Canada
20. French and Spanish Quarrels
21. The Sky City
22. Around the World
23. Nothing but Smoke
24. Smith's Adventures
25. The Jamestown Men
26. Smith wounded
27. The Visit of Pocahontas to England
28. Hudson and the Indians
29. The Mayflower
30. Plymouth Rock
31. The First American Thanksgiving
32. The Snake Skin and the Bullets
33. The Beginning of Boston
34. Stories of Two Ministers
35. Williams and the Indians
36. The Quakers
37. The King-Killers
38. King Philip's War
39. The Beginning of New York
40. Penn and the Indians
41. The Catholics in Maryland
42. The Old Dominion
43. Bacon's Rebellion
44. A Journey Inland
45. The Carolina Pirates
46. Charter Oak
47. Salem Witches
48. Down the Mississippi
49. La Salle's Adventures
50. Indians on the Warpath
51. Two Wars with the French
52. Washington's Boyhood
53. Washington's Journey
54. Washington's First Battle
55. Stories of Franklin
56. Braddock's Defeat
57. Wolfe at Quebec
58. How England Treated Her Colonies
59. The Stamp Tax
60. The Anger of the Colonies
61. The Boston Tea Party
62. The Minutemen
63. The Battle of Lexington
64. Bunker Hill
65. The Boston Boys
66. The British leave Boston
67. Declaration of Independence
68. A Lady's Way of Helping
69. Christmas Eve
70. The Fight at Bennington
71. Burgoyne's Surrender
72. The Winter at Valley Forge
73. The Quaker Woman
74. Putnam's Adventures
75. Indian Cruelty
76. Boone in Kentucky
77. Famous Sea Fights
78. The "Swamp Fox"
79. The Poor Soldiers
80. The Spy
81. A Traitor's Death
82. Two Unselfish Women
83. The Surrender of Cornwallis
84. The British Flag Hauled down
85. Washington's Farewell

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    These short vignettes of American history are written for the young reader. Each one is a little capsule of a person or event. They run from the pre-Columbian era through the end of the American War of Independence. Some of the expressions and language reflect attitudes of the 18th century that seem out of place from the vantage of the 21st century, but these nuggets of history give a glimpse into that era.