Audiobook: Story of My Life, part 1 (Version 3)

Story of My Life, part 1 (Version 3) cover

Story of My Life, part 1 (Version 3)

1 - Chapter 1


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When Helen Keller's autobiography was first published in 1903, she was a young woman studying at Radcliffe College. In it, Helen shares memories of her childhood, describes how Miss Sullivan helped her learn how to communicate, and reflects on her experiences as a college student. This audiobook is divided into a three-part special edition. The first part is Helen's autobiography. The second part is a collection of Helen's letters from childhood through 1901. The third part is a supplementary account of Helen’s education, including in-depth passages from her teacher, Anne Mansfield Sullivan, and additional insightful commentary by editor John Albert Macy on Helen’s extraordinary education, personality, speech, and literary style.

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