The Story of Doctor Dolittle cover

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting (1886-1947)

1. Author’s Note and Dedication ; Introduction
2. The First Chapter – Puddleby
3. The Second Chapter – Animal Language
4. The Third Chapter – More Money Troubles
5. The Fourth Chapter – A Message From Africa
6. The Fifth Chapter – The Great Journey
7. The Sixth Chapter – Polynesia and the King
8. The Seventh Chapter – The Bridge of Apes
9. The Eighth Chapter – The Leader of the Lions
10. The Ninth Chapter – The Monkeys’ Council
11. The Tenth Chapter – The Rarest Animal of All
12. The Eleventh Chapter – The Black Prince
13. The Twelfth Chapter – Medicine and Magic
14. The Thirteenth Chapter – Red Sails and Blue Wings
15. The Fourteenth Chapter – The Rats’ Warning
16. The Fifteenth Chapter – The Barbary Dragon
17. The Sixteenth Chapter – Too-Too the Listener
18. The Seventeenth Chapter – The Ocean Gossips
19. The Eighteenth Chapter – Smells
20. The Nineteenth Chapter – The Rock
21. The Twentieth Chapter – The Fisherman
22. The Last Chapter – Home Again

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An adventurous children’s novel, The Story of Doctor Dolittle is the first book in the Doctor Dolittle series. The novel depicts the many adventures of Dr. John Dolittle as he learns the language of animals and takes on various feats including exotic travel, a dangerous encounter with pirates, and a mission to set right from wrong. The novel begins with the introduction of Dr. John Dolittle, an animal lover and respected physician, who lives in the small English town of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh with his unmarried sister. Due to an increase in the number of animals in his home, he loses many of his clients which results in a decline of wealth. Even his sister is repelled from the amount of animals in their home. However, one day Dr. Dolittle learns the secret to speaking with animals from his parrot Polynesia, who teaches him the language of animals. Consequently, he leaves behind his unfulfilling job surrounded by people and instead decides to take up a veterinary practice. This career change proves to be the correct one, as Dr. Dolittle quickly becomes renowned throughout the animal kingdom. Eventually he finds himself on the way to Africa along with his most trusted animal companions to help cure a monkey epidemic. Yet, unfortunate events lead to a shipwreck and Dr. Dolittle and his animal friends are imprisoned by the king of Jolliginki, who is a victim of colonization and for this reason dislikes all Europeans. The protagonist and his escort undergo many adventures in their task to spread kindness and animal awareness throughout. An optimistic and heartwarming novel, The Story of Doctor Dolittle leaves no one feeling indifferent, as Dr. Dolittle risks losing everything including his house, family and wealth for the sake of proper care and love of animal life. Abundant with humor and a fun easy-to- follow plot, Lofting has successfully created a rich fantasy world with vivid portrayals of memorable characters which have entertained generations time after time.



- Awesome book !!!!

This is very interesting book


- nemo

this book was the best in the world

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- Review Dr. Dolittle

The Book is Amazing! and it is beautifully narrated!

the reader was too poor reading and while i have the book it was reading wrong i did did not liked


- Review Dr. Dolittle

Dr. Dolittle was one of my favorite books growing up. I loved the story and how it was narrated. Thank you to everyone who brought this book alive. :0)


- Chapter 11&12 reader

Great book but the reader for these chapters is hard to understand

ben bacon

- great book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best book i have ever read!


- amazing

i found myself laughing sometimes at the narration because they sounded so sarcastic. I loved it hahaha. thankyou so much for this!

I love this book!!!!!