The Story of Alchemy and the Beginnings of Chemistry cover

The Story of Alchemy and the Beginnings of Chemistry

M. M. Pattison Muir (d1931)

1. 01 – The explanation of material changes given by Greek Thinkers
2. 02 – A sketch of alchemical theory
3. 03 – The alchemical notion of the unity and simplicity of nature
4. 04 – The alchemical elements and principles
5. 05 – The alchemical essence
6. 06 – Alchemy as an experimental art
7. 07 – The Language of alchemy
8. 08 – The Degeneracy of Alchemy
9. 09 – Paracelsus and some other alchemists
10. 10 – Summary of the alchemical doctrine — the replacement of the Three Principles of the alchemists by the single principle of Phlogiston
11. 11 – The examination of the phenomena of combustion
12. 12 – The recognition of chemical changes as the interactions of definite substances
13. 13 – The chemical elements contrasted with the alchemical principles
14. 14 – The modern form of the alchemical quest of the One Thing

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A light journey through the history of chemistry, from its start in the obscure mysteries of alchemy to what was, for the author, the cutting edge of the development of modern atomic theory … and whose developing blind ends we can now see with the advantage of hind sight.