Story Of A Modern Woman cover

Story Of A Modern Woman

Ella Hepworth Dixon (1857-1932)

1. Chapter 1: An end and a beginning
2. Chapter 2: A Child
3. Chapter 3: A Young Girl
4. Chapter 4: Alison
5. Chapter 5: Mary's Lover
6. Chapter 6: The Central London School of Art
7. Chapter 7: A Kettledrum at Lady Jane's
8. Chapter 8: Mary Trys To Live Her Life
9. Chapter 9: Perry Consoles
10. Chapter 10: In Grub Street
11. Chapter 11: The Woman Waits
12. Chapter 12: The Man Returns
13. Chapter 13: The Apotheosis of Perry Jackson
14. Chapter 14: Mary Goes Out On a Wet Day
15. Chapter 15: A Comedy in Real Life
16. Chapter 16: Two Ultimatums
17. Chapter 17: Number Twenty-Seven
18. Chapter 18: Dunlop Strange Makes a Mistake
19. Chapter 19: Alison Arranges a Match
20. Chapter 20: The Gate of Silence
21. Chapter 21: The World Wags On
22. Chapter 22: The Temptation
23. Chapter 23: The Woman in the Glass
24. Chapter 24: In Which Civilisation Triumphs

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    "This touching short novel tells the story of Mary Earl, a woman who has to fend for herself in London at the end of the 19th century. She becomes a writer. But she cannot write whatever she wants. There is a format in which her novels should be written- a format she does not like or understand. To make matters worse, she falls in love with a married man. This novel is considered one of the best, and most touching, new woman novels, as it highlights many of the difficulties a single woman faced at the end of the 19th century. The writing is vivid. You can just sit back and let it get into your heart."