Star-Treader and Other Poems cover

Star-Treader and Other Poems

Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961)

1. Nero
2. Chant to Sirius
3. The Star-Treader
4. The Night Forest
5. The Mad Wind / The Morning Pool / The Soul of the Sea
6. Song to Oblivion
7. Medusa
8. Ode to the Abyss
9. The Butterfly
10. The Price / The Maze of Sleep / The Mystic Meaning
11. Ode to Music
12. The Last Night
13. Ode to Imagination
14. The Wind and the Moon
15. Lament of the Stars
16. The Winds
17. A Sunset / The Snow-Blossoms / The Summer Moon
18. The Cloud-Islands
19. The Return of Hyperion
20. Lethe
21. Atlantis
22. The Unrevealed
23. The Eldritch Dark
24. The Cherry-Snows / Fairy Lanterns
25. Nirvana
26. The Nemesis of Suns
27. White Death
28. Retrospect and Forecast
29. Shadow of Nightmare
30. The Song of a Comet
31. The Retribution
32. To the Darkness
33. A Dream of Beauty
34. The Dream-Bridge / The Fugitives
35. A Live Oak-Leaf / Pine Needles
36. To the Sun
37. Averted Malefice
38. The Medusa of the Skies
39. A Dead City
40. The Song of the Stars
41. Copan
42. A Song of Dreams
43. The Balance
44. Saturn
45. Finis
46. The Masque of the Forsaken Gods

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    Clark Ashton Smith, referred to as one of the big three of Weird Tales, was a romantic-style poet, a Lovecraftian-style writer and a literary friend of H.P Lovecraft. As a poet, he was considered one of the last great West Coast Romantics. The Star-Treader and Other Poems, published at the age of 19, was his first volume of poetry and his breakout hit.